A Series of Books, a kind of guided tour to untangle the play book of the "old world disorder", and at the same time develop the game plan, guidance for fulfilling the agenda outlined in my Vision Book

My father was an avid reader. I didn't really read alot, until I had to get my college degrees. Then, I mostly read what I was required to, but at the same time my reading is extremely purposeful.

As a child, I read books that truly influenced me, and I can  remember a few. A book about Abraham Lincoln, a book on a steam powered car, The Car Called Camelia (the Tiger, I read this a number of times, the entire series), and science fiction books, a variety of authors. I was also quite into the TV series Star Trek, which can become a whole digression topic as the current "truths" about that show, and our rapidly expanding "reality" - best described early on by Phillip K Dick in an interview he did in 1977, about timelines, co-existing worlds, etc.

Finding Just the Right Book
The first most blantant example of this was while was working on projects under Dr. Richard Ewing, the Vice President for Research at Texas A&M University. I was mainly working on strategy for the TEEMS hyperspectral sensor, to create the LGRS-STAD and Project STACI. I used to frequent the Barnes and Noble bookstore across from the TAMU campus, looking, most often for spiritual books. Some of those are included in my blog post, Light Star Study Group.

On one special occasion I was deeply engaged in contemplation about the structure, and processes for LGRS-STAD, and wandered through the science section of the bookstore, and the book "Systems Thinking: Managing Chaos and Complexity  . . . " seemed to stand out on the shelf. I bought the book and it turned out to be just what I needed to provide wisdom, structure, schematic processes to develop strategy to go after the IEDs in Iraq. Near the completion of the proposal I was preparing for Dr. Ewing, I contacted the author of the book, and invited him to serve on my Board of Advisors. He agreed.

This short description is included to provide a introduction to what I can only describe as magically getting books manifested during the years from 2008, in Colombia through the current times. The examples are too numerous to cite, without many digressions and stories, but at a later date I might decide to digress. My interest for this time, is to introduce the books that I acquired either through gifts, purchases, or being guided by some invisible force to find on a library bookshelf, little lending library, or second hand store, or bookstore.

The book that seems to be the catalyst, on March 9, 2022, the date of this posting, is Herbert Hoover's "Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and It's Aftermath". This book has shifted my entire world view, what I understand as American and world history, but also to help process and digest the horrendous challenges I have faced, which centers around my marriage to Yongxia Xia, a now, highly suspected agent (whether intentional, or unknowing on her part) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

At this juncture, I have only read to page 91 (total 957), but the revelations, details, and contextual narrative is truly world changing. He considered this his Magnum Opus "Great Word" having finished arduous, and exacting writing, re-writing, printing and all but publishing before his death in 1964, but the book was not actually published until 2011 by The Hoover Institution, associated with Stanford University, his alma mater. There can be another interesting digression about how this book has successfully usurped GREAT EVILS that have, historically, in the "dark timeline" our of Stanford, Silicon Valley, DARPS (e.g. "big tech" giants, which are currently collapsing under their corruption, and bizarre, controlling, "hidden agendas")(at the time of this writing, Donald Trump has launched Truth Social, although it has been difficult for people to get signed up, for, mostly, reasons unknown. However, it is clear to me, from my vantage point, we are seeing the end of Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, etc., although how everything plays out, will be revealed only after this cloud of media noise, and human consciousness delusion falls away).

At this point, I intend to post the series of books, their pictures, and possible summaries that have guided me to untangle the old guards play book. Most are biographies, non-fictional accounts written by insiders, but a few of the books have also been novels, as the truths they reveal are highly sensitive, and would actually cause significant repercussions if people knew that the secrets they reveal, are not just fanciful, imaginations of the author, but TRUTH revealed, in our faces all along.