An Introduction to Eye Am Sharing

Dear Friends,
There is a vision for Eye Am Sharing - it's a vision of Love and the One. To that end, we must bring people out of the confusion of thoughts, beliefs, fears, and dramas and traumas of the world. There is "Only Love" as John Prine sings in the beautiful song with the same title. The process is one of "Building Bridges".

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Our endeavor here is to capture a new audience that might have a desire to share a little bit more about themselves to a like minded group, or community of people. The phenomena of online communities (Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Yahoo personals,, Ecademy, etc.) are expanding, but the meaning or substance that they portray, in my opinion, still misses a tremendous opportunity to bring people together to Share. This is not just about networking, or socializing - it is about coming together as ONE global community to empower each other, to make our dreams come true, while at the same time engaging the power of cooperation.

David Peat, writing about Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity suggests that “meaning” is the substance or the bridge between mind and matter – the glue of synchronicity. I believe “meaning” is truly at the core of what we are all searching for spiritually through our connections with people and the natural world. We accumulate “meaning” through the experiences of our lives.
My vision is to create a community of people who want to share their stories (successes?) with the world, or at least the community of like minded people within the Eye Am Sharing community. At the same time, and maybe more importantly, show their connections to people who have helped them accomplish what they have – and to tell their stories too.

What's Your Story?
We've all got one. So what's up? What are You proud of? Who are You proud of? Who helped You get here? What are You doing? What are You here to do? Where are you going?

So get busy - make the connections! Show the world what you've accomplished and who helped bring you to this point. The Internet is not a play thing. It's a tool! It's already transformed the planet - but we've barely begun.

Just think about how the telephone transformed the world - simple voice communication, primarily 1 to 1 communication. Now think about the Internet. Potentially, innumerable channels of communication open simultaneously. And what can we exchange: Voice, music, video, knowledge, data, information, Money! All at the touch of a button.

Whether we're willing to admit it or not each of us is the center of the Universe. Think about it - if you weren't here would anything exist? It's not so bad to admit. It's the Grand Paradox. At some point we all might contemplate how really small we are - disturbingly insignificant when one reflects on the infinite expanse of the Universe. And yet here we are. If You weren't here nothing would exist - at least for You - and also for Your world.

Put another way, if one views life from a religious perspective, then even though we are not significant in the whole scheme of God's (Source, or One) creation, we are significant enough that God made us (or whatever you believe – the creative intelligence underlying the totality of things). So, really we must be pretty important if God intended us to be here.

It all comes down to humility. We're not everything and we're not nothing. We're not too big, but we're not small either. We're as big as we believe we are. As put so eloquently by Lenny Kravitz “If you want it you’ve got it, you just got to believe – believe in yourself”.

And now, through the Internet we can show our influence on the World. Who have you touched? Who touches us? What have you done? What have you created? And maybe more importantly who and what is important to us?

I want to tell others stories together with mine. Because, ultimately the only reason that I am who I am and where I am is because of them. My parents, my family, my loves, my children, my friends, my mentors, my experiences, my beliefs and the pursuit of knowledge and truth. Some of my most profound connections to wonderful people came about just a few months after the passing of my father and my viewing the movie The Secret – John R. Campbell (President Emeritus Oklahoma State University), Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Laureate 1970), Jamshid Gharaajedaghi (Author Systems Thinking). I asked myself, why am I afraid to contact people who I considered to be heros?

My answer, I don’t know, so I contacted them. Then I got to meet them.

All of these connections, loves, experiences, and my heroes are important and I want to tell their, and my story. And now I can. With the Power of the Greatest Communication tool that exists on the planet - the Internet.

So, don't be shy. Tell your story. If you don't want to share some parts of your life, don't. But surely there is something that you want to tell the world.

Then Make the Connections!

To see the entire chapter included in the Vision book about creating a "collaborative network" - follow this link

Manifesting Eye Am Sharing,
and the greater Vision

Various written words expressing my personal Visions and Dreams based on my life experiences and seek the truth and realization of love in this world.

- Andy Skadberg

The Decision - is my proclamation to "change the world"

My Mission:
To be of Service to Others and make a Positive impact in the world, with an ultimate aim to contribute to world peace and an evolution of Human-kind. The ways that I will fulfill my mission is by:

- Each day strive to be the best "Andy" that I can be.
- Always believe in expanding "possibilities".
- Work to expand people's awareness of our relationship to the natural world.
- In pragmatic and tangible ways create opportunities for people to experience the out-of-doors and the company of other people through experiential tourism.
- Discovering and empowering the potential of technologies to facilitate these opportunities.

The above is more “pragmatic” mission and fits into a more mundane and traditional world view. From what I have learned in the last three years, is that our knowledge of who and what we are as “humans” is way too limited. To that end, I have expanded my mission statement to include this new understanding of who and what I TRULY am. Below is the current Mission Statement posted at I Am Sharing as a result of three years of intensive spiritual work (I have been on a spiritual path for over thirty-one years). The foundation of this philosophy is the discovery of the Law of One.

My Mission
To be a Conscious instrument of "I AM" for peace, Love and harmony by serving others and the planet utilizing ego-less awareness, Conscious Deep Breathing, sharing my insights and knowledge with integrity and honesty through open communication using the channels of Learn/Teach and Teach/Learn via Love/Light - Light/Love.

I have a Vision
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