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Various topics that I have written whether it be for personal empowerment/growth, spiritual enlightenment, community development, or in general topics that contribute to the concept of "success across scales".

I guess I am a professor at heart. Even though it wasn't my intention, or even seen as a possibility. My father was an Extension, Ag. Economics professor for 28 years, at Iowa State University. I remember the day when I was in his office (not the date) that he mentioned that I might look at Extension as a possible career. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected what ultimately transpired. Because I have found life to be Spiritual, in nature, but combined with our being here physically, much of what I share has been the result of this process of working out the "reality" of physical life on earth, while balancing Spiritual work.

I will likely expand on this idea over time, since recently I re-read my brother Mark's book The Mission, and this idea of Spiritual vs Material, as a primary challenge of life really stood out.

Over the years I have received inspirations, even what some people call "downloads" that I have had to write down. I don't know why. My friend Tom Dooley actually called me "the scribe of God". All I know, since about my mother's passing, August 2004, I have been compelled to write stuff down when it comes to me, whether during the night, or in my journal. In some cases, these compilations, or Sharings, come to me in stages, and then finally I have to write them down as one fell swoop.

This will be a work in process as I have posted various materials in many places. The topical areas provide a general idea of the topic. My professional work targets communities, tourism, diversification, collaboration, and such. While the personal empowerment are an evolutionary process, moving more and more towards what Desmond Green has always taught Breath Consciousness. In some cases, the links below will go to materials that I assisted in compiling with someone else.

Individual Spiritual and/or practical

Foundational Concepts for Community Development