A Dream/Vision for an Awesome Vacation and to Create the "common peoples" travel show
by Andy Skadberg
A Proclamation to Infinite Awareness to Manifest this opportunity.

For many years I have dreamed about getting an RV and traveling across America. As a young person I was inspired by the TV Show "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom". In 1981 I worked for John's RV in Cambridge, Iowa next to our family business Odin Associates putting awnings on Airstream travel trailers at the Wally Byam rally in Ames, Iowa. Even as a young person I remember longing to travel when I used to work in the corn fields, seeing cars driving by on Highway 30.

I ended up becoming a bus driver in 1984. I drove to support our family while attending college at Iowa State. I continued driving on the side even while I was a professor at Texas A&M. Whenever there was a transition in my life I ended up driving charter, school or city bus, shuttle vans or limosine. I have even written up some of my more unique experiences in the bus. I always joked that it was the job I hated to love because driving can be a pretty demanding, especially as it relates to the number of hours on the road and schedules that do not match with a regular schedule. I could tell some pretty crazy stories, but will only post the two blogs of most significance. This post is about attracting the Prevost RV featured here, and the financial resources to be able to take my family on a 3 month tour of the USA. "Andy's National TV Debut :: Crystalline Reflections - 2 month tour in 2012

Andy's Aha Moment - Mutual of Omaha interview at Putnam Museum in 2011 about experience to Discover My Purpose, experience on the St. Croix River in 1987

So below are the details of the Vision for the Travel Show. This was written while I was living in Colombia S.A. The image for the RV was the same model as is now for sale in Milan, IL just down the road from where we live. This concept was part of Chapter 8 in my book "Vision We ARE Re-creating the World" that is available online, by chapter, as a pdf.

Experience Travel Show 


This is about: “people helping people, and the planet”.

We also believe that travel and tourism are vehicles that can lead to peace on the planet.

We understand that “The Solution” to many of the world’s challenges has to do with educating people and providing opportunities for people to get exposure to the wonders of nature, and for them to experience nature in new ways – leading to an awakening of the spirit.

Initially, our approach seems to focus on tourism or economic development. However, upon closer examination, it is apparent that these are used as vehicles for interaction, and platforms to establish opportunities for people to experience the out-of-doors. We use the term "Experiential Tourism" to describe a very robust opportunity space, mainly because there has been so much fragmentation in the tourism industry, with new terms being constantly created (e.g. ecotourism, nature tourism, heritage, shopping, etc). Ultimately it all comes down to experience. Satiating people's curiosity and providing them with meaningful, memorable experiences.

The Experience Travel Show, will create an attractive and interesting way for people to discover what there is to see and do, and the people and places behind those experiences. This is one of the primary marketing mechanisms for our endeavors. It should provide a great deal of attraction for bringing our Rural Tourism Association together as we branch out to offer our various “rural development” resources (toolbox) to regions, communities, businesses and agriculturalists.

Plans to do the Experience Travel Show

Vision/dream for Experience Travel Show

“If you're doing something new you've got to have a vision. You've got to have a perspective. You've got to have some north star you're aiming for, and you just believe somehow you'll get there, which kind of gets to the passion point.”   ~ Steve Case ~

The Experience Travel Show is, in essence, a marketing platform for expanding the impact and exposure of America and Experience Travel to the world. The idea follows along the lines of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, or Crocodile Hunter, but about real people and places and experiences.

Another benefit of the Experience Travel Show, is to bring goodwill to those places that we visit. Telling their story and planting seeds for dreams to grow. Showcasing what they are doing, and basically getting the word out to the world. Discovering the hard to find stories and telling them. At the same time we promote and educate people, in those places, about our “tool-box” of community, tourism and small business development and empowerment resources. Community Consulting :: Rural Resources :: Idea/Business Incubation

We will travel in a “green”, environmental “cutting edge” coach, using all the most current technologies for reducing our “carbon footprint”, but not foregoing the latest technologies or conveniences. As we travel, one primary aim will be to grow our Rural Tourism Association and introduce to more and more people and communities our wholesome endeavor to “tell the stories of the people and their places, and Gaia”.

This is not about creating a celebrity, or “travel show” as it is about authenticity. It comes down, ultimately, to waking people up to our relationship to our hearts, the earth (Gaia), the cosmos and each other.

What sets the Experience Iowa Travel Show apart?

- the way we tell the story (interpretation).
- the host’s (Dr. Skadberg) personality, his expertise, but also his experience with the tourism industry from end to end.
- Our Web interface that provides the necessary information about how to experience the places presented.
- That it is about showing people experiences that they can afford and do themselves, not high risk, expense, dangerous or hard to get
- The subjects of the show are unique, interesting, authentic and about regular/real people and places.

The Starting Point – Iowa, Kansas, Texas, South Carolina then to the rest of the U.S. and other states where wireless Internet projects are being developed.

Experience Travel Show – marketing/brand materials out and line up next steps

Sample of YouTube Channel for posting videos.
We can create a unique set of merchandise.
We can feature regional magazines or a Travel Show magazine, print or digital. Mock-up created by Yvette Dubel of Cultural Fusion.

 This is an example of the kind of "Travel Journal" that we will create, with dynamic, intriguing and compelling content based on the writing skills of Sarah Ford.

This is the 1994 Prevost that Desmond Green and I looked at on Oct. 5, 2013
On our travels we can simulate the creation of catalogs and travel guides.
Fundraising campaigns including sponsors for the bus.
Example of the kind of camera we want for video production

Various components of The Experience Iowa Travel Show

Videos/photos - production
- Go to each of the towns and major attractions throughout the state and do video/photo shoot,
- Develop a semi-standard way to story-board and capture,
- Standardize presentations, videos, to some degree to create consistency,
- Create a Script for each Movie: use Dr. Jim Kimmel’s principles of interpretation to tell the story.

Experience Travel Show Itinerary
Get out the map, listing some of our first customers, and additional premier attractions and begin creating a video/travel schedule.
   - Communities, attractions, presentations, sales, collaboration strategies.
   - Contact places preliminarily to ensure quality control, and manage relationships.
   - Prepare promotional materials to leave with featured locations.
   - Look at calendar of events to be sure to get to the communities during key times.

Sponsorship Financial Mechanisms
Look for potential “green” sponsors for traveling, bus, low-impact
    - How will we “sell” them the idea?

Put together sponsorship strategy/package for entities featured in the show
- Make a marketing plan.
- Create sponsorship list.
- Prepare sponsor package.
- Get sponsors.

Identify how to Outfit as a “Green” bus,
   - Look for sponsorships, fuel, technology, attractions, agencies,
   - State, Inter-state, Mid-west, national, corporate, international.

The Experience Travel Show will highlight the following, using our unique experiential tourism interpretive model.
   - People
   - Accommodations/services – B&Bs
   - Food
   - History, culture and commerce
   - Hospitality
   - Environment, landscapes, weather, etc.
   - Festivals and Events

Additionally, as we travel through the community we will offer them the benefits of our various courses and services that we have been developing for community diversification, tourism development and individual en-strengthening. For communities with "challenged populations" we offer our "Reaching Out" Program. Here are a selection of the Web sites featuring these services and content.

Some additional Topics, white papers that we will share with communities as we travel. Tourism, Rural, Regional & Agriculture ::  Other Topics Pertinent to Communities

Here is a partial list of our current affiliations:
Experience Co-Evolution Group
www.experienceco-evolutiongroup.yolasite.com – Community and Tourism Development Consulting Group
Reverence For Life University
www.reverenceforlifeuniversity.com – a collaborative endeavor between Desmond Green and Dr. Skadberg
connected directly to Jamaica and other nations.
Vision Exceleratorwww.visionexcelerator.com – Dr. Skadberg’s business/idea incubator.
Rural Innovation Institutewww.ruralinnovationinstitute.com – Dr. Skadberg’s alternative development resource center.
Rosebud Log Homeswww.rosebudloghomes.com – my family in South Dakota building homes as they sustainably manage the Lakota-Souix Nation forests.
HEM Paving & Road Groomwww.hempaving.com, www.roadgroom.com
Terra Pavewww.soilscontrol-usa.com/ - innovative, affordable polymer based alternative to asphalt and concrete.
River Bend Wildland Trust - http://www.rbwt.org/ - Quad City regional organization focusing on conservation, education and active natural resource protection and enhancement.
Quad Cities Food Hub - http://www.qcfoodhub.com/ - focused on creating a sustainable, regional food supply and system.
QC Collective – www.qccollective.com – a community, cooperative artist brokerage representing artists in various locations around the Quad Cities.
Universal Hovercraft - http://www.hovercraft.com/content/ - we are working with Bob Windt the inventor of this type of hovercraft and will be looking to expand markets globally.
Zoom Information Systems - http://www.zoominfosystems.com/zoom-tin.aspx - the intelligent transportation company doing the wireless internet and traveler information contracts.
IMark Global & Tech - http://www.imarkglobal.com/, http://www.imarktech.com/ - our international partner into India, Asia and Africa focusing on tourism, sustainable development and technology.