Outline of Various Components of Eye Am Sharing Collaborative Network

Changed from I Am Sharing to Eye Am Sharing dot Net.
An introduction to the Vision to evolve from just "socializing" online, to collaborating, which is direct result of my, and my exes PhD dissertations that we defended, and received our degrees the same day. We were part of the 2nd class of PhDs to graduate from Texas State University, San Marcos, Geography Department

After returning from my time in Colombia, where a majority of my Visionary writing occurred, and writing the online book, Vision: We ARE Re-Creating the World, a Resource Manual, "Toolbox" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grassroots Strategies and Environmental Awareness, I began to build out a series of websites. See full list below.

At one point, after helping Sarah with her QC Collective, I got the insight to structure a core group of Websites around Metatron's Cube (see Metatron Experience, and Flower of Life)

Key to Eye Am Sharing is to assist people to tell their stories. Instead of posting on a wall, like at Facebook, people need to realize they are here to Share their lives, and experiences with others. No one can, really, tell someone else's story better than themselves. Here is my version, which is always evolving.

Center of Kingdom Network, is individual empowerment, which is Reverence for One's Life, starting with our own.

After beginning the Spiritual work, and realizing we each have come to Earth to share our special gifts, beginning a process to discover this gift, and then bring to the world gives our lives greater purpose, meaning and fulfillment. The Vision Excelerator is unique in it's approach for Entrepreneurial, "incubation" while also addressing personal "issues" that often hold us back from realizing our dreams

A great deal of my ideas are first written down in my journal. My first "blog" where I translate these journal entries are usually posted on my main blog.

It seemed that the last issue I tackled more completely, was money. This is a bit ironic since my father John Marvin was an ag. economics professor for 28 years. In any case, after sorting through a great deal of confusion, and facing personal fears and challenges, it appears that people who had to tools to assist us began showing up. At this point, I am just posting this first link. Later, I will post a number of blogs that I examined the money question.

My friend Pierre has a money card solution    - Global Architecture for Humanity

Several of our team have been working with cannabis (hemp and ganja) for many years. I have interesting life experiences around this plant going back to 1973. As our world transformation takes place, man taking back his food, land, power, community back from corporate/government interests, the tip of the spear, appears to be hemp. Our fearless leader for this, who has blazed a trail ahead for all of humanity, is Craig Lee, amazingly a descendant of General Robert E. Lee. Here is the initial stages of his project The Hemp Archives. Look for additional information

My friend Craig Lee figured out hemp and cannabis

Energy - Inventors

My friend Bob has figured out energy and health  - another inventor friend who passed Guillermo Rodriguez

Knowing Our History

To be freed from our past, we must know our TRUE past which has been highly manipulated by certain interests. One of the best archivists of this "control of perception" is Dan Willis

My friend Dan Willis has recorded a lot of our obscured "secret" but recorded history, and manipulation

Freedom Betrayed (book) - President Herbert Hoover

Health, Crystals

His friend Marcel Vogel introduced us to the intelligence of all matter and life, and the practical use of crystals


Original Description of the Reverence for Life University, for Jamaica, 2007