The Law of One Series, via RA, and other books explaining our situation in galactic terms

Here is the Law of One Series . I was introduced to this book through David Wilcock and his Web site Divine Cosmos. The Law of One Series was the most compelling, and complete explanation for what we were experiencing in this world. As a young man I had often had incredibly large questions that this series of books explained to me. The source of this information for most people seems incredible. For me though, having experienced a profound and important spiritual awakening and life turn-around when I was 21, this was only another thing that could easily be explained within the idea that came to me to "always believe in ever expanding possibilities. I have since had a number of totally incredible experiences, as I had before I found this incredible source of information, but my research, learning, or maybe more accurately "remembering" has only validated and clarified many of the ideas presented in this book

You can download the book from this link "Law of One Series" - thank you L/L Research for continuing to make these volumes available for free.

Over the years I have created a few exercises based upon the Law of One Series

Here are those links

Also, my brother Mark, who over the years has been dropping breadcrumbs leading me on this spiritual path, gave me two other books that really opened up my consciousness to much greater possibilities than what most people are aware of. These books, primarily, provided me more evidence of the truth of Love and that we are simply here on Earth for a very short time, but for a very important purpose.

Starseed Transmissions, by Ken Carey

Prism of Lyra .

Other Interesting books about cosmic connections, or Extra-terrestrial nature