The QC Collective
The QC Collective
A Friendship Cooperative: Arts, Crafts. Local Goods and Services

Is an innovative business in Port Byron, which features local hand-made products and/or services. I believe that, in helping each other, we ultimately help ourselves, both as individuals and a community. When we gather and spread our collective energies, we can create a collective power for good, while creating the lives we desire to have.

By adding your energies to the QC Collective, you will be a part of a transformative movement that we can and will create. We can’t depend on the government or orporations to fix our situations, but we can put the power back into our own hands. The QC Collective aims to create a network for a collaborative, cooperative, and profitable model, and keeps in mind these elements for a more robust Local Economy:

    Local Businesses: We support each other and our creative endeavors.
    Local Foods: We are aware of the source of our food, and make decisions with our values in mind;
    Local Non-Profits: We connect with groups making a difference locally, and volunteer if there is a need;
    Local Experiences: We enhance our connection to our place in space, here on the Mississippi River. We share about our recreational favorites!
    Ultimately, we empower each other to create the lives we want, not the ones the ‘powers that were’ want us to have.

It is up to us to create the change we want to see.I have been dreaming and planning for new business approaches for years and has devised a number of important new models for community and people coming together to improve the quality of life for all. The QC Collective has evolved from my passion to be a responsible and involved part of growing the Village of Port Byron with a new "brand" for sustainability and is actively working with community leaders to make that vision a reality. You can find my writing in a variety of periodicals in the Quad cities like the Dispatch and the Radish.

I am the Dreamer, Visionary and Inspiration behind the QC Collective (a bit incognito until this year). As an independent journalist living and working in the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River, I have written numerous articles on key topics related to creative endeavors, environmental initiatives and human interest.
by Sarah Ford
"The danger of this, however, is our complacency with what has been given. We are comfortable with what we have, though the times continue to change. Religions arose out of this desire for transforming the human condition, and the time has come again for a new way of thinking. We are losing our spirituality, though gaining religiousness. Opening up to all religions may open you up to newer truths that may not be found in your religion alone. 

The following are the ‘religious’ gems of wisdom I try to integrate into my life. I do recommend further study of these religious ideals for a deeper understanding of the foundations and beliefs of the institution. I have chosen the religious teachings that resonate within me; once the idea was revealed, it made sense. Call it divine inspiration or innate ideas. Whatever it is, my life has been profoundly affected by my realizations and acceptance of such teachings. It is my hope that this grace will be bestowed upon you."

Download the entire essay as a pdf.