My Vision in a Nutshell (scroll down the page to see the full, current, written "plan")

I made a decision to "change the world" in 2005, (for my children, when I knew much less than I do now, about vibrational energy and such) and revalidated it in 2007 - something like how Gandhi must have made a decision to free India or Norman Borlaug made a decision to feed everyone.

My understanding is that if we allow our connection to Gaia, to our Divine Mother to be made, we will find ourselves ushered into a more balanced way of being. I have been given insights that this process is really so simple - to relax and become re-aquainted, to be conscious of our breath, and know that each of us are the creators of our world.

So the process is quite simple, not complicated, because when we tap into our own breath and begin to treat ourselves with kindness and respect, and learn how our divine guidance program works, our feelings, we will be perfectly guided and then that re-creation will be guided like a Divine symphony to a realization of Peace and Harmony.

My aim, is to usher in this Peace, one person at a time. To empower each individual to know that truth of Love, and that they are that love, and they are motivated by that Love. There is nothing to fear, as all is in perfect order. I don't fear whether the sun will shine, or my molecules or the galaxies will hold together, why would I fear about the tiny systems that we, I guess a bunch of errant children, could somehow be outside of the Divine orchestration. So my Vision, is that we "re-create" the world into the paradise that we all know in our hearts can be. We can each create the world of our dreams that we have been afraid to state boldly, because there has been a lot of discouragement of such things. And by the way, there has been a purpose for that too - it is just difficult to grasp. All I know, that even all of the things I haven't liked have taught me a lot about Love, Service, Patience, Vision and a desire to be even a better Andy, each day. I continue to believe in "ever expanding possibilities" and as I do that I am happier and happier each day because I realize that what I was afraid of is not real, and that when I go through my fears I always find wonder and joy and mystery, and on and on it will go until I return to the One, complete.
VISION - We ARE Re-Creating the World

Here I will post sections of the book "Vision – We Are Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual “tool-box” for Revitalization and Empowerment through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness".

I am breaking the book down into sections because this book is 460 pages in length, and as an electronic book is about 16 mb. I can send a free copy to people if they are interested. You probably need to have an email that will handle large files, like Gmail. It is self-published. I have a second volume that is currently in the works.

These are the compilations of my life´s work - ideas for solutions to the world´s challenges. I have posted some chapters in another blog post (hybrid cooperative, and hyperspectral-environmental strategies).

The strategies described in various sections can be implemented as individual components, comprising a very good regional, or project strategy - standing alone. But the entire book is a whole vision, for developing new models for civilization, built upon solid theories, but also the Universal Philosophy as espoused by Albert Schweitzer - that being "Reverence for Life" (also the Golden Law, as taught by Jesus).

I will be adding sections of the book here as Pdf files as I am able.

The first sections describe the motivations for me writing this book, and establish the various philosophical and theoretical foundations.

The Second section goes into practical examples based on already established projects and/or case-studies of successful projects.

01VisionSECTION I-Preface.pdf

02VisionSECTION I-PreparationRecreation.pdf

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04VisionSECTION I-ExperiencesObservations.pdf

05VisionSECTION II-TheoreticalFoundations.pdf

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06bVisionSECTION III-SolomonSourceToolbox.pdf

07VisionSECTION IV-Education&JLRU.pdf

08VisionSECTION IV-Chap8Hyperspectral.pdf

09VisionSECTION IV-Chap8TourismCaseStudy.pdf

10VisionSECTION IV-Chap10RegionalHCDC.pdf

11VisionSECTION IV-Chap11CollaborativeNetwork.pdf