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Here is the Page that I have created for people to get access to the results of my dissertation research.

This research examined "nature tourism" businesses use of the World Wide Web. Due to the length of this document, and to the number of graphics, I have separated it into several PDF files.

You'll need an Adobe reader. These are Pdf files
Nature Tourism in Cyberspace: an Examination of Its Geography and Character in the Network

Title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, etc. (a good place to see the structure of the paper)

Chapter 1. Problem Statement and Purpose

Chapter 2. Literature review

Chapter 3. Research Questions

Chapter 4. Research Methods

Chapter 5. Research Results
       Part 1 (Primarily maps of geographical analyses)
       Part 2 (Graphs of people's responses to questions on the survey)
       Part 3 (Graphs of people's responses to questions on the survey, continued)
       Part 4 (Graphs of people's responses to questions on the survey, continued)
       Part 5 (Discussion about people's responses from the telephone interviews--case studies)

Chapter 6. Summary of Findings

Chapter 7. Conclusions, Implications and Recommendations for Future Research

Appendixes (See the Table of Contents for Appendix titles) A B C D E F G H I


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