YX dissertation
This dissertation came at my expense. If I discover, which I believe is true as the date of this posting, April 26, 2022, that I was inadvertently deceived by a person who came into the US under the support of the CCP. If I live long enough to write my story about the hell that I went through, during, and especially after this marriage, then let this be a placeholder. If this information has been fed to the CCP then this is an official act of defiance, and defense of the United States of America.

As of this writing I have not seen my two children Joshua and Serena, and I suspect that I have been targeted to attempt to break me, as is revealed by the whistleblower about "economic espionage."

This dissertation topic was my idea, based upon my life experiences, and insights to accomplish a complimentary subject about cyberspace and the role of technology for the evolution of humanity, based upon the Spirit of Love, not hidden agenda which it is becoming abundantly clear I was not told many secrets by Yongxia Xia, and how she was able to get into the US, and what ulterior motives she had, and who she was reporting either directly or through a clandestine operation.

As of this date, several red flags, especially as we discover that the US has been infiltrated by the Communist since at least the 1930s, under FDR. All of the proof and documentation is in the book I am currently reading Freedom Betrayed by President Herbert Hoover

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