Journal entry from August 2008. When the Eye of Horus symbol first entered my awake consciousness. I had been reading the Law of One Series by L/L Research. These books answered some of most longstanding questions about life and everything.
I had been working with Desmond Green for a couple of years and discovered that he had used this symbol for his "Cyber University" project. My PhD Dissertation had included "cyberspace" in the title, and was an investigation of these emerging technologies.
This picture was taken in Armero, Colombia, the site of one of the most significant events of loss of human life. 25,000 people disappeared in just a few minutes from a volcanic mud-slide. This is the memorial sculpture commemorating this momentus event. There was only one survivor, a young girl, who passed while they attempted to rescue her. I took this picture on an end-of-semester class trip that I was teaching at Tolima University. I did not realize what this image was until my friend who is aware of his connection to Anubis told me that this too was the Eye of Horus. On this trip I was amazed at the wonderful feelings that I had, that this was not a tragic event, but one that should be celebrated. I felt that the spirits associated with Armero were giving me this message. I also felt a very strong sense that my sister Laurie's spirit was present.
This is a regional artist's picture of the city of Armero, Colombia. I was astounded by the image of the eye.
This image I saw on Facebook
My personal experience with Metatron and information about Horus

November 11, 2009

I had never considered the possibility of there being real angels much less archangels. I didn't even know such a thing existed. I did, however, begin to get these signs and messages that then lead to a very powerful, life transforming experience with Metatron.

I have written this experience down, but feel that most people would not believe it. In any case, you can download the document from the above link if you are curious. One day, after I have a chance to edit the experience, and process it, since a lot of water has gone under the bridge since I was in Colombia, I will share this experience openly.

Here is some information about Metatron, (Angels and Miracles), Encyclopedia Mythica, Wikipedia a document entitled "Cracking the Money Bands" and a link to Carlos Santana's statement that he believes he is supported by Metatron. All I know, is that the experience I had was unbelievable, and I was told, through my son Benjamin's aunt that Metatron was our direct guardian. I have never been open about these things, because they are so unusual to our experiences here as humans. However, I have had enough experiences to know that anything is possible.

I began receiving information and "nudges" about mandalas, the flower of life and Metatron's cube as early as 2006 when I was working with Dr. Richard Ewing to create a proposal to start an institute in Saudi Arabia. I am doubtful whether Dick knew the spiritual implications of his picture that he drew of his vision. I converted his whiteboard diagram into digital form, and had a powerful epiphany about this image being connected in some way to all of the work I had been doing.

I have since learned a great deal about Metatron's cube. The best, short, information I have found is from Spirit Science. The most comprehensive information that goes into great detail is from Drunvalo Melchizedek in his books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.

Horus - has been revealing a connection since I dreamed incessantly about Ra in Auguest of 2008. I woke and drew the Eye of Horus. I have been told over the past few years that I would be receiving more and more understanding of this Being, his role in our history, and importance as part of the process of ascension that we are going through at this time. All of this has come true. I continue to get directed to more and more information. One of the best sources were the books Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo. Horus is identified as an important character in the Egyptian story of Osiris, Isis, Seth - and the dismemberment of Osiris and his subsequent rescue. Horus has also been seen, or synonymous with Jesus - that the story of Jesus is a more modern version of the story of Horus. The images on the left are some of the images that have come to me over the past few years. This process seems to be a kind of mystery, with various pieces coming together, slowly but surely giving me greater clarity about this character and my personal connection. The first book that I compiled with my friend Tom was a study guide of the Essenes which I was surprised to discover had connections to the Right and Left Eye of Horus Mystery schools of Egypt.

Over time I will be putting more information about this evolving story. It is curious and yet fascinating process of discovery and reconnection