Partial highlights and timeline – History of the Eye Am Sharing, collaborative network concept and more justification for its potential to revolutionize online “Social networking”. Additionally information about technologies to support wireless Internet and traveler information in conjunction with state Dept. of Transportations.

I was the original author for a regional development model was first created in 1997 for a Texas statewide initiative called the Texas Heritage Trail Program (THTP). In 2006 the Heritage Trail Program received a U.S. Presidential award from President Bush.

The title of my PhD dissertation is "Nature Tourism in Cyberspace: an examination of its geography and character in the network".
To see get pdf version of the dissertation, follow the link.
- This year (2008) this project has now been given to Zoom Info. Systems. I assisted them to win the contract. It is called the Wireless Internet Service and Equipment for TxDOT Safety Rest Areas and Travel Centers. I created the idea as a "pilot" in 2003 as TexBox video. Then I wrote the original state-wide wireless proposal for Coach Connect in 2004 as a contractor with a company that I have since left, AdventGX, Inc.

Video on San Antonio news announcing statewide launch in Texas in 2004
. I was featured in the video, assisted in putting up Wifi at the site, and written the proposal for Coach Connect to win the contract. During this time we also installed several wifi systems at RV parks. Two that I assisted with was Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ and a premier RV resort on the Oregon coast.

(Recognition from Texas State Comptroller for TexBox:

Other derivative projects launched based on these concepts (Project of the Texas Travel Industry Association and Texas Education Agency) (Texas Engineering Extension, Texas A&M University) (a customer using a product to be developed called JourneyBuilder to serve small businesses. (Project in Van Horn Texas, near the Blue Origin Space Port) (Subsidiary of AdventGX, a company that I am a co-founder of)

Here is a sample of some news items when I was active with AdventGX, Inc.

I spoke a four conferences for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines (Press release

A project being developed with the Texas Travel Industry Association, called Texas Education Vacation was created with very little financial support, but then a grant that was supposed to come through didn't. However, all the necessary project development and technology was created - follow the link above to see a presentation from the Annual TTIA Conference in 2005.

My work, experiences and studies have given me incredible insights into the potential of the Internet to help the "little guy" and the disenfranchised. I see there is an opportunity to, in a way, follow the Wal-Mart model to extend services to rural places, but instead of selling people a bunch of stuff, we can empower them to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true (education, personal empowerment, etc), and improve the quality of life in small communities.

Just FYI - our little team from Texas A&M started this phenomena of wireless Internet at DOT rest areas in 2003. I am working with a company Zoom Information Systems out of Indiana that is winning contracts.

After "stepping out" of Texas A&M in 2007 I have been working, without capital, on strategies for taking things back. I wrote a book while in Colombia S.A. 462 pages, self published. VISION - We ARE Re-creating the World: A Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness".

Here is an executive summary of what I call the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy - I was supposed to present at the International Tourism & Peace conference last in Jordan in 2011, but it was cancelled due to the uprising in Egypt.

Here are the current projects that I have been working on behind the scenes for a few years - just launched recently.

Business, idea, project incubator - Vision Excelerator

Virtual university, rural development, innovation - Rural Innovation Institute

International empowerment/development project with my dear friend Desmond Green from Jamaica - Global Breath Consciousness Institute

I am living in Port Byron, IL in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois). We have just launched our community retail, consignment shop, which will also serve as a hub for regional development. Just opened a week ago QC Collective

I wrote a concept for sustainable communities called HOME Communities. Currently there are some young people on the east coast working to get a first community started. They are dedicated but lack capital too. They have a friend who is helping developing the Web site and network.

A developing "consulting" resource for tourism and community development is called the Experience Co-Evolution Group. This site has not been officially launched but will be in the very near future.

Three new Websites that have been created,,

There is more, but for now this can give a pretty good overview.

All the Best,